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Welcome to skins20in20! You will have 20 days to make 20 icons of a character from the e4 show Skins (any generation) that you'll choose at the start of a round. The mods are thilia and persiascarecrow. Feel free to ask us anything!!


» Icons must be made originally for the round, no prior work may be submitted.
» All work must be your own, not someone elses.
» Please make sure all images are PG Rated. Meaning, no graphic violence and keep their 'bits' in their clothing or covered and profanity free so that everyone can go view your icons. If you're not sure, just ask.
» Icons must fit the livejournal standard. Under 40kb, 100x100px and in either .png, .gif or .jpg file format.
» Post your icons to your livejournal and place a 3 icon teaser to the community with a link back to the rest. Do not post a banner.
» Post the completed icons at once.
» The icon post must be unlocked for two reasons. 1. I need to be able to see your entries to post voting and 2. So people don't have to join to view your icons.

Challenge and Voting

- Themes: There will be 10 different themes for each round. (eg. back, mirror, blue, face, anger, joy, slip, hurt, leap & cry)
- Category: 5 icons will make up a set, which means that they all have something in common. (eg. friends)
- Artist's Choice: You can choose to make anything as long as they adhere to all the rules.

- All 10 themes will be voted on separately.
- There will be 10 winners, 1 each for each Theme.
- Category and Artist's Choice will be voted on as a set and as individual icons.
- There will be 3 winning sets, 1st-5th place for individual icons and a Mod's choice each for Category and Artist's Choice.

LAYOUT BY ruthenia_alba, HEADER BY thilia